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We’ve learnt that if we get the best people in a room—the bright, the passionate, the curious—we kick out the egos and nurture the nervous, and ask our members to give everything, just for the few hours we have together, then incredible things can happen.

We don’t believe in passive events. There’s no ‘sit back, have a jammy dodger and a cappuccino’ here.

We expect everyone to arrive with their game-faces on, ready to teach and open to learn.

We take what we do very seriously.

But, be assured, we never take ourselves seriously.

If that hasn’t put you off, then please read on.


  • We aim to provide a number of benefits for our member start-ups. For example, mentoring from our senior marketing experts, relevant corporate introductions, promotion to our 400-strong member community and a place in our curated start-up database. We offer around 40-50 places for start-ups to take part in our events annually and benefit from membership.

    Due to limited places and in keeping with our stated aim to support those who we believe to be the best and most innovative ‘technology-led’ of UK start-ups, the FCL is not suited to every company.

    If, however, you believe you are the founder of an innovative and disruptive company, genuinely striving to shift the industry you’re tackling, then please sign up because we would love to help.

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  • What we offer to our members is access to the very best of the UK’s start-ups, an insight into emerging technologies and a peerless network of industry colleagues. What we ask in exchange is a willingness to help and openness to learn. Our get-togethers are intended as starting points, not the end game. We want and expect our members to be collaborating with and working beyond our events, making introductions, piloting products and building partnerships.

    It’s the way we know we doing a good job.

    We have a very simple belief that drives our membership policy: good people know good people. This is why we ask all for our applications for membership to come as referrals by an existing member.

    So the easiest way to be a member and get involved as a mentor is to find an existing FCL member and ask whether they’ll nominate you.

    You can review our existing members here.

    However, we appreciate that this might restrict us reaching some great people. So we are also open to applications even when if you don’t know a member.

    Just mail us here and tell us a little about yourself, why you’d like to get involved and what you can offer.


Here’s what some lovely people said when we stood over them looking scary

The Friday Club is helping to make the world a more innovative, exciting and creative place. Agencies & clients feel energized. Start-ups get advice from some of the best marketing talent around.

Neil Godber

Head of Planning, JWT

The FCL is a fantastic way to hear from and connect with the founders of the hottest startups in the UK. The sessions never cease to be diverse, inspiring and a great way to keep you on your toes.

Alastair Cotterill

Creative Lead, EMEA Instagram