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Who's coming?

Stephen Molloy

Business Strategy Advisor, Co-Founder, Privacy Activist

Robert Doubal

Co-President and CCO McCann London

Simon Bone

Founder At Zoom Labs

James Schad

Founder at We Grow Startups

Richard Fearn

Director at the Friday Club London and early stage tech investor

Peter Davies

Event & Experiential Consultant

Rose Van Orden

Planning Partner at Mccann London

Alistair Campbell

Executive Creative Director at We Are Social

Jason Ricks

Founder/MD @ Vidify , Contract CxO for early stage B2B SaaS

Iain Millar

Head of Innovation at Rufus Leonard

Natasha Lytton

Head of Marketing and Communications at Seedcamp

Daianna Karaian

Founder and CEO at Thoughtful Works

Sadie Bell

Life Sorter & Officer of Time to Richard Fearn

Jeremy Ettinghausen

Creative Innovation Consultant.

Tyrone Hannick

Head of Digital at Mother

Zena Bruges

Director at The Business Side

Tom Lucas


Deb Hennessy

Tech Investor, Marketing and Business Development Director

Barney Worfolk-Smith

Founder, Megadog : Venture Partner, Ascension Ventures

Dom Boyd

Group Director of Strategy adamandeveDDB

Matt Drew

Corporate Development, Strategy, Innovation

Laurence Thomson

Co President & Chief Creative Officer at McCann

Nick Armitage

Managing Partner at Nonsense London

Amelia Sweeney

Creative Coordinator

Brett Macfarlane

Director at Door Global

Danni Beechey

Associate Director, Global Tech Partnerships, MediaCom BLINK

How to get involved

We like to think that what makes a FCL event special is the talent & experience of our members, both our mentors and the entrepreneurs. It’s why we spend so much time hunting down the country’s most talented to join us. If you back yourself and your talents then please read on about how you can get involved.

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Here’s what some lovely people said when we stood over them looking scary…

I am a big fan of the Friday club. The events provide a useful way to keep up with tech innovations while the mentoring sessions allow you to really understand the application of the technology and see what makes the founders tick.

Jon Ghazi


Big fan of The Friday Club. Its format allows promising startups to receive advice, mentoring and most importantly, key industry contacts that in our case, helped to land partnership deals.

Adnan Ebrahim

Editor-in-Chief of CarThrottle